Classical Music, Opera, Contemporary Music

Classical music, generally considered cultured music, has expanded its confines over the past thirty years, touching on fields of interest and application that were unthought-of at the beginning of the twentieth century. Starting in the 70’s, first we saw the entry of synthesizers, then computers, in sectors that range from composition to execution, above all for contemporary music.
This brought about the need for amplifying these new sources of sound, electronically processed and often performed in real time (taking the name of “live electronics”).
Above all in the last decade, for contemporary and classical music performed both outdoors and in spaces with unsuitable acoustics, in a similar way there was a growing need to obtain a “transparent” result, i.e. where the spectator didn’t have the sensation of listening to amplified music. The quality of digital recordings deeply changed the habits of concert audiences, who today expect excellent results even in places not appointed for music.
To obtain this, over the years we have formed a team that includes sound engineers and operators from various countries.
At the same time investments have been made in purchasing the most suitable equipment and technologies.
We also took a look at the examples in foreign and Italian (in fact very few) structures operating in this sector, creating close collaboration with some of them.