Pop Music , Rock Music

Pop music is definitely not Sonus’ core business, yet even in this sector the company has been involved in several rather interesting productions.
There are two fields in particular where experience has been accumulated over the years. The first concerns interventions aimed at solving specific problems, from the study of radio microphone systems to the sound design of particularly complex spaces. This is how collaboration began with the productions of Jovanotti’s tour “AlberoTour” 1997, with Baglioni for the concert the artist put on in the Olympic Stadium on 6-7 June 1998 and the sound design of the Cavea at the Parco della Musica in the summer of 2003, where the requirements of the Santa Cecilia orchestra were combined with those of the various pop music artists such as Gilberto Gil, Lou Reed, Toquinho (only to mention a few who performed in this space).
The second field concerns tours and concerts of a theatrical nature where the requirements typical of pop music are combined with the constraints of spaces not originally built for this type of event (such as theatres), where the audience wants to listen as if comfortably at home yet the artist needs to feel at ease and involved “soundwise” as in a stadium.
It isn’t always easy to reconcile the various requirements, but where it was made possible through the will of the artist and the production, results were greater than expected.