Studio Editing

Owing to the great quantity of audio material in our stockrooms, we are able to set up one or more mobile studios for sound recording in exteriors, stereo and multi-track, then optimising them for simultaneous broadcast.
Sonus has a vast selection of microphones and outboards available, as well as specialised technical personnel, technicians for classical or light music, and experienced musical assistants. For recording classical music in particular, they also have the collaboration of James Lock (ex Chief Sound Engineer of Decca).
The studio can also make tracks for theatrical performances (with their collection of more than 10,000 effects on CD). In this case all processing can be done in our studio or on location, while the performance is being prepared.


Tempted by the requests of several customers, in 1996 Sonus set up a post-production studio in their new Rome office. The structure created was initially targeted to the mixing and post-production of theatre sound tracks, then it was expanded to classical music and remastering from any audio and video support.
In all our sectors, the aim was high quality yet with costs linked to individual customer requirements, therefore being able to satisfy the large production as well as the artist with a tight budget.
Using our collection of more than 10,000 effects on CDs, we can create soundtracks for the theatre. All the processing can be done in our studio, yet we can also supply a mobile studio for on-site work during rehearsals.

Transcription and Sound Restoration
Our studio is equipped for remastering analog, mono, stereo and 4-track tapes, 78, 45 and 33 rpm disks (even 40cm) and digital tapes on VHS. These are reproduced and transcribed with customised machines, directly onto CD-R or on the HD-Recording ProTools system for cleaning, sound restoration and editing processes.
Using experience acquired over the years, they can solve many of the problems that appear with these supports, from the loss of magnetic material on tapes to disk deformation.
With the solid background acquired, witnessed by the work carried out, our work is level with the standards recommended by international research agencies (UNESCO, IASA, AES).
By appointment, customer’s material can be listened to in order to evaluate interventions to be made, or to explain work strategies.

Archive Rescue
Along with the transcription of single supports, we can study solutions to digitalise whole archives and make them useable again. With several customers we have prepared long-term projects, to optimise costs without diminishing overall quality.
In addition to transcribing archived supports into digital format, recently many audio visual archives, both large and small, needed to find and implement new forms of preservation and storage for the materials once they were digitalised. We can study complete solutions for your needs: from the small optical disk management system, to hard disk high repetition RAID systems, and up to digital data management systems.