Theatre, Musical, Dance

The theatre, with its many-faceted forms of entertainment, was the first sector Sonus was interested in. Here, over the years, the company was able to acquire faithful customers, satisfied with the services they were offered.
One of the main requirements is amplifying theatre, dance and above all musical entertainment, making listening natural and pleasing, never aggressive, with sound management capable of satisfying the increasingly refined tastes in sound of artists, directors, productions and companies. Today this requires specific knowledge, constant updating, high quality equipment, its perfect assembly and operation, and sensitive qualified technical personnel.
For example, at present, planning the frequencies for the management of radio microphone systems is unthinkable without the aid of control hardware and software, and proper preparation is necessary to succeed in positioning microphone capsules so that they are safe and invisible even for television filming.
For these requirements, as well as others, the company warehouse holds top brand equipment which constantly undergoes routine checks and maintenance in order to always ensure maximum reliability and perfect operation.
Sonus is able to rent you the audio equipment you need, as well as follow you through every phase of your production: from planning to selecting the sizes of spaces and systems, to selecting the most suitable equipment, to actual preparation, identifying or supplying all necessary personnel, sound designers and technicians with proven experience and professionalism.
Many productions rely on our experience, and others are constantly joining them, always with great satisfaction.