Consultancy and Design


The experience we have acquired in years of work and research enables us to analyse and realise any type of need, idea or dream about sound.
For resident or mobile set-ups and manifestations for entertainment and shows, consultancy regarding:

Designing performance spaces.
Designing the systems serving these spaces
Relationships with the institutions and relative authorisations and permits
Works management


Acoustical barriers.
Non-vibration systems.
Specific soundproofing solutions on machines and systems to comply with current laws.


Evaluations in compliance with the following decrees of law:
Law by decree 215 (16-04-1999, law by decree 277, 15-08-1991,
Prime Ministerial decree, 01-03-1991.
Acoustic impact clearance, law by decree 447/95.
Tests on electro-acoustic systems.
Phonometric readings and samplings.
Preparatory evaluations of the acoustic climate.
Verification of passive acoustic requirements for buildings.
Technical consultancy in both civil and penal suits.


Measurement of personal exposure to factory noise.
Measurement of noise produced by technological systems towards the outdoors.
Drafting adaptation plans.