An analysis with technical instruments to offer you the right acoustic solution

Offices and clubs have one thing in common: they are environments that host large flows of people and in which the & ldquo; sonic chaos & rdquo; can & ograve; create a lot of confusion. A sound absorbing solution is particularly suitable in these contexts, since & eacute; stops the propagation of sound waves and considerably improves the quality & agrave; interior acoustics .

Thanks to the installation of our panels, the reverberating spaces will no longer be; a problem. You will be able to choose the installation that best suits you; to your case among mobile panels, wall or ceiling , which will not only solve the problem of noise but will integrate better with the environment thanks to their discreet design, which you can customize with a wide choice of colors or photographic prints of your choice.

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In 4 simple steps you will get quality; optimal acoustics

  1. Acoustic detection carried out by specialized personnel with professional instruments
  2. Study of the best solution fit
  3. Design and construction of panels
  4. Installation


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