Sonosfera®: the first eco-acoustic theater in Italy

We are proud to announce that the first Sonosfera ® in Italy – a mobile space with 3D audio and features that make it unique in the world, where you can enjoy an unforgettable listening experience – has been provided to the municipality of Pesaro and temporarily installed at the Civic Museums of the city.

Paolo Casali, at the request of Prof. David Monacchi, creator of “Fragments of Extinction”, has conceived and realized a particular type of loudspeakers explicitly dedicated to this project: SATELLITE 1, SATELLITE 2 and W38 SUB Exclusive for “Fragments of Extinction”.

The technical specifications that these loudspeakers must have – not to be found simultaneously in the professional or HiFi products on the market – led us to undertake a research and development process that lasted over three years. The resulting items have maximum and uniform sound quality between the two SATELLITE models, high acoustic pressure (up to 120db SPL), very wide dispersion both horizontal and vertical (90°), robustness of “touring” level.

The Sonosfera ® was designed and manufactured together with a team of professionals with multidisciplinary skills, coordinated and directed by Flavio Antoccia, who realized the lighting system too.