Sound absorbing panels

For optimal acoustics, in any context Now also available in antibacterial fabric

The perfect solution to create the best acoustic comfort in any type of environment. Our sound absorbing panels are the combination of an acoustic correction tool and an interior design solution. Ideal in homes, offices, restaurants, clubs and gyms, they integrate elegantly into any type of space.

Easy to install, thanks to their complete range of accessories they can be mounted on ceilings, false ceilings and wallsi.Fonomobil panels have comfortable wheels fitted with locks and can be easily moved; they are very useful as a room divider to divide and distance people, therefore perfect for countering the Covid-19 emergency.

The sound-absorbing panels are available covered in fabric (with solid colors)or in microperforated material (Mesh), on which a photo or drawing can be printed, on one or both sides. You can provide files with photos to print or use the photos available in the gallery. Find out the printable images →

Resistant and easy to clean, they stand out for their extreme durability.

Types available



The modular panels are ideal for creating acoustically perfect angles in seconds, with a touch of color.

Suitable for events such as meetings and conference calls, they considerably increase speech intelligibility. They are very easy to move and can be placed side by side to create the desired spaces.

The base is swivel and retractable, with adjustable feet or wheels to adapt the panels even to ancient or uneven floors. The thickness of only 4,5 cm makes them not bulky and easy to store, even in limited spaces.

Made with recycled Pet, steel and materials compatible with the environment.

Panels with supporting structure in steel H 195 x W 80 x D 4.5 Cm weighing 15 KG


Wall sound-absorbing panels to be composed with colors or photos, ideal for obtaining optimal acoustic comfort. They are made in different sizes and can be inserted in any context.

Thanks to the accessories, assembly is quick and easy. The 59.5×59.5 cm model can also be mounted on ceilings or false ceilings.

Measurements: H 59,50 x W 59,50 x D 4,5 Cm / H 70 x W 100 x D 4,5 Cm / H 100 x W 140 x D 4,5 Cm / H 125 x W 200 x D 4,5 Cm



The ceiling installation panels can be used in two configurations – island (horizontal mounting) or baffle (vertical mounting). Recommended for an accurate acoustic treatment of very reverberant spaces, they can be customized with colors or photos. Thanks to the accessories, assembly is quick and easy.

Measurements: H 50 x L 100 x P 4.5 Cm / H 65x L 120 x P 4.5 Cm / H100 x L 200 x P 4.5 Cm


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